Mommy and Daddy are Soldiers and Smashwords Site-Wide Sale

As a mom, I have been amused at, and reflective on, some of the expressions and experiences of my two girls. I also find other kids' wonder at the world and their honesty in expressing their emotions so very refreshing. The creative juices therefore flowed recently and led me to publish my second collection, this time around children's poems, entitled Mommy and Daddy are Soldiers. It is now available here as an e-book from Smashwords or in print at Amazon. The collection also reflects on the experiences of children with parents in the military through the title poem, Mommy and Daddy are Soldiers, as well as Daddy's Uniform. Smashwords allows for a 20% sampling, so readers may freely download some of the poems. I would love to hear what you think about this latest effort.

Also, stay tuned for announcements about a giveaway of two copies of Mommy and Daddy are Soldiers on Goodreads during August. Just so you know, you can also enter on Goodreads for free copies of other authors' books. Keep checking Goodreads for freebies on a variety of genres .

Finally, Smashwords is currently having its summer/winter (northern and southern hemispheric climates at work here) sitewide sale. I am participating in the Smashwords sale, so you may use the coupon code SSW50 on Smashwords up to July 31st to purchase From Cane Field to the Sea for 99c.

This has been a loaded post, but as usual, I welcome your comments and look forward to hearing from you. Happy reading!

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