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Hello dear readers!

It has been quite a while since I last posted on the blog, so I'm furiously trying to catch up. I hope you have been enjoying poetry here on this blog and elsewhere. So much has happened since I last posted, including, sadly, the passing of Sir Derek Walcott, but also the good news of Lorna Goodison being appointed Jamaica's first female Poet Laureate.

I have been hunkered down for the past three years with another passion of mine - the law, and have been pursuing a grueling LLB program. Thankfully, I just finished writing my last three exams, and God willing, I am hoping in August I will have good results.

Now that my LLB program is out of the way, I will be more active on the blog, promoting the work of Caribbean poets, especially newer ones. I am so thankful to a reader who took the time to post a comment which included names of Caribbean poets I did not have on my list. I am so grateful to readers who bring to my attention amazing poets throughout the Caribbean. Thank you also to the other readers who posted very thoughtful comments on my post. I appreciate your patience regarding my delayed responses.

If you live in Canada, I hope you are enjoying the Canada Day celebrations, and to my United States readers, Happy Fourth of July!

Walk good!

Congratulations, Lorna Goodison

I am so thrilled that Lorna Goodison was recently appointed first female Poet Laureate of Jamaica. She is the second person to hold the post. Poets of the Caribbean sends her heartiest congratulations! Lorna Goodison is one of my favorite poets, and she has been featured on the blog in the past, and in particular, her well-known poem, The Bedspread, which describes the ordeals of Winnie and Nelson Mandela under the Apartheid regime.

For more details, see here. Check out also a previous post on her work.

So well-deserved, Lorna.

Leonard Dabydeen's Musings on Sir Derek Walcott

In honor of the late Sir Derek Walcott, I am sharing, with Leonard Dabydeen's permission, his musings on Sir Derek. This was first printed in Guyanese Online.


Walk good, and rest in peace, Sir Derek!


Small Island Anthology

Interested in submitting a poem, short story or non-fiction? Below are submission details for the upcoming Small Island Anthology:

Best of luck!



Our Bolt (For Usain St. Leo)

He made easy strides,
effortless glides
into the history books.

9.81 seconds
of pure thrill
down the track
shouts of "Usain, Usain"
at his back.

At the finish line
he looked left
he looked right
dazzling smile
leaving the competition
stunned and speechless!

Our Bolt
ever playful
ever gracious
One beautiful final(?) Olympic gift
to this little island rock,
to the world.

Our Bolt

Yasmin Morais
Copyright August 2016


When Men Give You Wings (A Tribute to Louis Lindsay By Taitu Heron)

When men give you wings
(In Memory of Louis Lindsay)
(men as gatekeepers of patriarchy….police your body, curtail your mind, restrict agency, confine you to reproductive citizen for the state)

When men give you wings you can surely not but fly
I mean fairy fly
Imaginary I can’t believe fly
I mean supercatgerflagerlisticflasticflyblackgirlmagicfly
YET THERE ARE SOME WHO shit (excrete) entitlement so stink
you have to eak a different route to rise

When men give you wings to fly you smile through tears
And blast easy through storms stand injustice in the face badass like a hurricanebreezekindafly
I mean ibelieveicanflyibeliveicantouchthescky…..kindoffly
Yet there those who shit entitlement rotten
You have to cry

When men give you wings you burst thru a thousand skies
And voice the terrible woes into victories
transform political venom into legislative love
Move indebted thunder to sustainable stars
Yet there are some who shit the mud of mean
Not even an inch yuh likl bitch
You have to oops make a dodge duck a block chant more than a psalm a day
And make your peace
Because you still going to fly

When men give you wings
You become a child buss out naturally because there was no gate
Oh woman of no mental doors
Purposeful march because this space is already yours
Ancestors got your back stand rising rooted high wingspan wide
Goddess soaring whistling wind in the still fighting dust of other men wondering what just happened.

Copyright 2016 Taitu Heron 
Reprinted with permission.


Searching for You - Leonard Dabydeen

Searching for You: A Collection of Tetractys and Fibonacci Poems, was published in September, and is the latest poetry collection by Leonard Dabydeen. Leonard's poems have previously been featured on Poets of the Caribbean. Check it out on Amazon.

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