The Mulatta As Penelope

Enjoy another Lorna Goodison poem, The Mulatta As Penelope.

The Mulatta As Penelope

Tonight, I'll pull your limbs through
small soft garments
your head will part my breasts
and you will hear a different heartbeat.
Today, we said the real goodbye, he and I
But this time I will not sit and spin and spin
the door open to let the madness in.
Till the sailor finally weary of the sea
returns with tin souvenirs and a claim to me.
True I returned from the quayside
my eyes full of sand
and his salt-leaving smell
fresh on my hands
but you're my anchor awhile now
and that holds deep.
I'll sit in the sun
and dry my hair
while you sleep.

Copyright Lorna Goodison. Reprinted with author's permission.

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