End of Calabash?

I learned today via the Caribbean Review of Books blog some surprising news about the possible end (or cancellation for this year only?) of the Calabash International Literary Festival, held annually since 2000 on Jamaica's southcoast.

Jamaica's Gleaner also ran this article this past Tuesday, No More Calabash, in which one of the organizers, Kwame Daves gave some details. The CRB blog noted these developments, in a post entitled Calabash Farewell. The CRB blog post also linked to Annie Paul's blog Active Voice, in which she commented on the 2011 cancellation.

The Calabash International Literary Festival has been a collaborative effort of Colin Channer and Kwame Dawes, two  established Caribbean writers, and it has attracted a lot of international interest in recent years and has been successful in drawing international and local literary giants to the island, as it sought to showcase Caribbean literature.

I really hope that whatever the issues are that surround this year's cancellation, they may be resolved and that the festival may return next year. I have never been to a Calabash festival and I know that I have been missing much, but I would love to have the opportunitiy to attend someday.

Have you ever been to Calabash? If yes, I would love to hear your thoughts on these latest developments.

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