Sidney Poitier Studies

Sidney Poitier Studies is one of the poems in Christian Campbell's first collection, Running the Dusk. Campbell was the poet featured last month.

Sidney Poitier Studies

University of Cambridge International Examinations
General Certificate in Education
Ordinary Level Studies

Section A (100 Marks)

Choose the option that best describes Sir Sidney Poitier.
Poitier is_____________:

(a) A barefoot Bahamian boy of so-they-say Haitian
      blood who grow up pickin tomato on Cat Island.

(b) The perfect black man and the rightful heir
      to the Kingdom of Negrolandia.

(c) The G.O.A.T. (Greatest Of All Time).

(d) A Civil Rights cyborg invented by MLK,
      X, Garvey and black genius scientists.

(e) A Victorian rebel.

(f)  Chuckling at his image on the screen,
      sprawled on the couch, his shirt fully unbuttoned.

(g)  All of the above.

Copyright Christian Campbell 2010. Reprinted with author's permission.

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