The Whole Island: Six Decades of Cuban Poetry: A Bilingual Anthology

I'd like to recommend the bilingual anthology, The Whole Island: Six Decades of Cuban Poetry. Mark Weiss (ed.), University of California, 2009.

I have not yet purchased my own copy, but this is definitely something I will be adding to my collection. From my review of the table of contents on Amazon, it seems that editor, Mark Weiss has done an excellent job with this bilingual anthology of six decades of Cuban poetry (a grand total of 624 pages!!). Nancy Morejon is included among the poets, although only just one of her poems was featured. I suppose this was due to attempts to include as many talented Cuban poets as possible drawn from six decades, so I quite understand the limitations. If you are interested in Cuban poetry, I would recommend this anthology, since the Amazon editorial reviews are also very positive.

For more details on pricing, etc. see Amazon.com. I also came across this interesting interview which the editor, Mark Weiss, gave on Latino Book Forum, which provides more information on the book, as well as an overview of the political, cultural and economic environment in which Cuban poets seek to express themselves.

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