April is Poetry Month

Hi poetry lovers,

April is poetry month and so I am sharing some thoughts on activities you can do during this month. To kick things off, I will also share a poem from my just published collection, From Cane Field to the Sea. So, here are some ideas. I would love to hear from you on some things you plan to do during poetry month:

  • Write a poem
  • Share a poem with family, friends, colleagues
  • Check out some poetry books from your library
  • If you have always wanted to write poems, start working on your manuscript
  • Purchase poetry books
  • Check out some interesting poetry blogs
  • Read poetry to your kids 
  • Read a poem to your special someone
  • Check out audio poems
  • Attend a poetry reading or open mic activities in your area
  • Find more poetry links and suggestions from the Poetry Foundation website.
I promised to share a poem from my just published collection, From Cane Field to the Sea. Below is The Road to Respect, originally published in Nursing Science Quarterly, relating to research on nurses' feelings of being respected or not respected.

The Road to Respect

I spoke.
You listened.
I felt valued and honored.
You shared your opinion.
I trusted your wisdom.
The circle of respect was complete.
We saw in each other's eyes our common humanity.
Now, moving to a zone of mutual affirmation,
we felt safe to trust, and learn, and nurture
in the give-and-take of life.

Copyright 2011 Yasmin Morais.

I hope you will find time to have fun with poetry during April. Stay tuned for a posting later on my poet of the month for April.

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