Dat Bumpyhead Gal

Dat Bumpyhead Gal was written by Joan Andrea Hutchinson, in response to public criticism of her for wearing the nubian knots hairstyle on a local Jamaican television station in 1996. Joan has since published seven CDs and three books, and Dat Bumpyhead Gal is the title of one of her books and CDs.

Joan's hairstyle,
the inspiration for Dat Bumpyhead Gal

Dat Bumpyhead Gal

Tell mi say mi no good enough fi you TV screen
How mi offend you eyesight
Tell mi say mi is a black, ugly, bumpyhead gal
And mi tell you, mi feeling right

Cuss mi say mi is a bootoo, and mi no have no class
Trace mi and galang rude
Tell mi say a educated woman shoulda know better
And I tell you mi feeling good

 You say mi hairstyle disgusting chaka chaka an tan bad
And favour like something out a street
And say mi should a shame fi lef mi house tan so
And mi smile, for mi feeing sweet

You see, the truth is, mi not ashamed of mi owna self
Mi not afraid of me
When mi look into the mirror, mi like the somebody
Weh mi  see a look pon me

Mi like her thick nappy hair and her broad face
Mi like her in and out of clothes
But most of all mi love weh she stan up for and defend
And, a no pose she a pose

But serious, when you a go fall in love with you
And leggo of all you fear
When you ago take the time tell God thanks fi you life
Instead of fret bout ‘hair’

For if it kinky or straight, if it black or white
Transparent or opaque
God make all a wi fi a special reason
And God don’t make mistake

So if you want to criticize the Father work
Then you life going to be ‘salt’
For the Creator love all a wi and look out fi wi
Even when wi have plenty fault

So galang, call mi black and bumpyhead if you  want
But make sure say you say it loud
Because the Creator love me and me feel good
Fi be bumpyhead, black and proud.

Copyright Joan Andrea Hutchinson. Reprinted with author's permission.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, I have recently been searching for information about this topic for ages and yours is the best I have discovered so far.

Yasmin said...

Thanks for your kind comments, and I am glad you found my blog. I look forward to bringing you interesting posts on Caribbean poets and poetry.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this i have been looking for it and could not find it i was finding something wrong thank you much

Yasmin Morais said...

Glad you were able to locate it. She is a truly talented poet.

sidonae rodriques said...

do you have access to her poem "Stark, Staring Loving Mad"? i came across it years ago in her book and have been searching for it ever since

Yasmin Morais said...

Sidonae, I have been trying to find it online without luck. I will try again and if not, try to get in touch with Joan for a link. Will get back to you on this. Thanks for commenting.

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