Kwame Dawes

 The Poets of the Caribbean spotlight shines this month on poet Kwame Dawes, who was born in Ghana to a Ghanaian mother and a Jamaican father. He grew up in Jamaica, studied, as well as taught in Canada, and now teaches English at the University of South Carolina. Kwame Dawes, son of author Neville Dawes, is an internationally acclaimed poet and was co-founder of the former Calabash International Literary Festival. Below are some of his works to date:

Progeny of Air (Dawes' first collection and winner of the Forward Poetry Prize)
Resisting the Anomie
Jacko Jacobus
Shook Foil
Gomer's Song
Back of Mount Peace
Hope's Hospice
Wheel and Come Again: An Anthology of Reggae Poems
Bivouac (a novel)

His non-fiction works include:

Natural Mysticism: Towards a New Reggae Aesthetic
Talk Yuh Talk: Interviews with English-Speaking Caribbean Poets
Learning to Speak: The New Age of HIV/AIDS in the Other Jamaica

Stay tuned this month as I feature more information on Kwame Dawes and share with you a few of his poems.

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