More on Modeste Downes

For more on Modeste Downes' collection, Phases, and his life and work, check out Jako Productions, his publisher's website. Included on the site are some reviews of Phases as well as links to other Jako publications.

If you have read Phases, please let me know what you think about it. Also, I would love to hear from you about which Caribbean poet's work you are currently reading.

I am also tossing the ball in my readers' courts regarding upcoming spotlights on poets of the month. If you have a favorite poet that you would like to see featured, please let me know. As always, your feedback is important, as I try to promote Caribbean poets and poetry.


Anonymous said...

Modeste Downes, St. Lucian poet, has released a new collection entitled 'Theatre of the Mind'. Visit : www.jakoproductions.com for more information.

Also, as a book reviewer, Downes recently reviewed two publications, which were published in 'The VOICE' newspaper of St. Lucia, online. 'Liberated Academics in Studies of Caricommoners' is the work of St. Lucian academic, Dr. Humphrey Regis (USA); 'Beloved Country' is a poetry collection of seasoned St. Lucian poet, Mc Donald Dixon.

Yasmin Morais said...

Anonymous, thanks for the update on poet Modeste Downes.

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