Song of the Sea Horse

Enjoy Cesaire's Song of the Sea Horse (Chanson de l'hippocampe)

Song of the Sea Horse

Tiny horse escaped from time
braving the towpaths of wind and waves and turbulent sand
tiny horse
              arched back saltpetered by the wind
head low toward the cry of mares
tiny horse without fins
                               without memory
debris from the end of the run and the sedition of continents
proud tiny horse stubborn from calculated loves
badly torn in the hiss of stagnant ponds

one restive day
            we will mount you

and away you'll gallop tiny horse
unerring in the wind the salt and the wrack 

From: Lyric and Dramatic Poetry 1946-82. By Aime Cesaire. Translated by Clayton Eshleman and Annette Smith. Copyright 1990. The University Press of Virginia.

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