UWI Writers' Workshop

The Department of Literatures, University of the West Indies at Mona, will be holding the first in a series of writers' workshops in early November. Renowed Trinidadian writer, Earl Lovelace, will be conducting the workshop. More details are in The Jamaica Gleaner. Read more here too on the Fifth Edward Baugh Distinguished Lecture, which Earl Lovelace will deliver.


Anonymous said...

Dear All: Will there ever be a day when writers of another age beside the older ones will get to give lecture? I love my Lovelace and dem, but wha bout others? Doesn't anybody else but me feel that exposure to the ideas of feminist/not just women writers (a new breed), spoken word artists (a new breed), younger than the old guard (a new breed) could expose us, possibly, to something new?

As I say, I love my lovelace and dem.

Margaret D. Gill

Yasmin said...


Thanks for stopping by the blog and sharing your thoughts on this post. I share your sentiments that oftentimes, newer writers as well as writers experimenting with new forms, do not get enough exposure in the Caribbean. There are several factors, perhaps at work. The Caribbean, for its size, is also a fairly diverse region in terms of language, culture, publishing capacity, etc. so it might not be the same in all islands. I think though, that as more people like you raise the issue, then perhaps more might be done to promote newer writers, who need the encouragement and mentorshp to thrive. I appreciate your thoughts, and let us hope that we will see changes, as more sponsors support literary prizes, public readings and publishing in general. Thanks for sharing.

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