Louise Bennett (Miss Lou)

Miss Lou

Louise Bennett, affectionately known as "Miss Lou", and often described as "Jamaica's First Lady of Comedy", is December's poet. Louise Bennett's poetry is dear to my heart, because I grew up listening to her reading her poetry, as well as hearing many Jamaicans recite her poetry.

So much has been written about Miss Lou and her poetry, that the one month's spotlight on her this month will hardly do justice to this larger than life personality.

What I hope to do during this month is to share some of her poems that I love, as well as my fond memories of Miss Lou. 

December is perhaps the most apt month to share about Miss Lou, because she was such a vibrant, joyful and exciting personality.

I hope that those of you who may not be familiar with Miss Lou will enjoy reading her work and learning about this truly amazing Jamaican poet, actor, radio personality, social critic, and so much more.

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