Miss Lou's Poetry

Below are some of the poetry and short story collections written by Miss Lou. Some of her co-authors on the collections include Rex Nettleford, Philip Sherlock, Mervin Morris and Walter Jekyll.

  • Anancy Stories and Dialect Verse (1950)
  • Jamaican Dialect Poems (195?)
    Laugh with Louise: A Pot-pourri of Jamaican Folklore: Stories, Songs, Verses (1961)
  • Jamaica Labrish (1966)
  • Jamaica Labrish: Jamaica Dialect Poems. (With Rex Nettleford) (1966)
  • Jamaican Song and Story: Anancy Stories, Digging Songs, Ring Tunes, and Dancing Tunes. (With Walter Jekyll, Rex Nettleford, Philip Sherlock) (1966)
  • Anancy and Miss Lou (1979)
  • Miss Lou's Views (Audiobook) (198?)
  • Jamaica Maddah Goose (1981)
  • Selected Poems (1983)
  • Aunty Roachey Seh (Louise Bennett and Mervin Morris) (1993)

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