Rainy Day by Louise Bennett

It is a rainy day today. In fact, it has been more of a rainy winter, rather than a snowy one here in Maryland. As I reflected on the weather, I thought I would share Miss Lou's poem, Rainyy Day. Miss Lou, however, was reflecting more on our figurative rainy day. You know, those lean times when funds and other resources are scarce.

As we enter the new year, let's plan ahead to ensure that when our rainy days come, we are prepared. Enjoy Rainy Day, and let me know of strategies you use to cope with your rainy days.

Rainy Day

If yuh want it an no need it
Curb yuh wanti-wanti ways,
Pudung wanti-wanti money
Fi de needy rainy days.

No might-be bout de rainy day,
No few a we, no some;
But eena everybody life
It must an boun fi come.

Tedeh, tomorrow, nex week,
Dis yah mont or tarra ear,
De rainy day deh pon de way
Fi ketch yuh unaware.

Sometime him creep up sofly like
A puss an stir up strife;
Sometime him drop like atom-bomb
An worries up yuh life.

But me gwine fi trick de bugger:
Day by day me dah prepare,
Dah save up lickle money an
Me ready fi him, me dear.

When rainy day strike me, ah gwine
Fi bring him to disgrace,
Jus wave me bank-book an bus out
A laugh eena him face!

Copyright Louise Bennett 1987

From Our Yard. Jamaican Poetry Since Independence. Jamaica 21 Anthology Series. Edited by Pamela Mordecai. Institute of Jamaica Publications Limited, 1987.

Reprinted with permission from the Louise Bennett-Coverley Estate.


Anonymous said...

Dear Yasmin,

I wanted to share a video my teen daughter made of me reading one of my poems-Where My Birthmark Dances, which is also the title of my newest collection of poetry published by Finishing Line Press.
Here's the link:

Yasmin said...

Hi Octavia, Thanks for sharing the video. I enjoyed it, and am sure that my readers will. Congratulations on the publication of your collection, Where My Birthmark Dances. I will try to get a copy soon. Please stop by again.

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