Sir Philip Sherlock

Sir Philip Sherlock

Sir Philip Sherlock was born in Manchioneal, Portland, in eastern Jamaica in 1902. He was the son of a Methodist minister, and the brother of another distinguished Jamaican, Hugh Sherlock.

Sir Philip was a poet, educator, historian, social worker, and philosopher, and has been included among the founding fathers of modern Jamaica. He attended Calabar High School, which he later taught at. He was also the Headmaster at Wolmer's Boys' School.

He was a member of the Irvine Commission, which established the University College of the West Indies (UWI), a forerunner to the University of the West Indies. From 1963 to 1969, he was the Vice-Chancellor of the UWI.

Throughout this month, I will be featuring Sir Philip's poetry, as well as his contribution to the social development of Jamaica.

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