Mother in the Morning, by Danielle Boodoo-Fortune

I trust that you have been enjoying the poems of the very talented Danielle Boodoo-Fortune. Now, enjoy another of her poems, entitled Mother in the Morning.

Mother in the Morning

Mother sips tea in her garden on mornings,
abandoning the kitchen that echoes with breakfast,

lunch kits, laces untied, and the dripping faucet.
She sits on a cracked footstool in complete silence

as the heat from the teacup rises up
whispering warm, comforting secrets

only she can understand.

There are sharp things in the ground
and her hands are soft

yet she never wears gloves.
She is not afraid of the damp, dark earth

with its shards of buried glass and crawling creatures.
She has planted hope with her own hands,

seen it grow tall, and bright with butterflies.

When my mother’s hands are in the dew- damp dirt
and she is fragile in the quiet morning light

I can see the shapes of sharp things buried in her.
I realize how the fluorescent kitchen light dims her,

hides that secret flower she is growing
That can only be seen in morning light,

and blooms only when she does.

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