A Chocolate Sonnet

My poem, A Chocolate Sonnet, placed third in Pen and Prosper's I'm Sweet on Chocolate Poetry Contest. I have always been such a chocoholic, so this contest was a lot of fun. Below are my two entries in the contest, A Chocolate Sonnet, and Chocoholic Me.

A Chocolate Sonnet

Wondering what the world would be like
if we just never had any chocolate.
Writers wouldn't have the creative spike
and remarkable characters we'd never get.
This sweet, irresistable taste,
food of the gods, and symbol of love;
eaten at leisure, or eaten in haste
endorphins unleashed, ideas fly like a dove.
Give us our chocolate, writers declare,
without it not a line we can write.
Unless we have it, we wallow in despair;
writer's block wins out, o what a fright!
Chocolate, o chocolate, you are the thing
whose praises writers everywhere sing.

Chocoholic Me

Chocoholic me, penning words
in between my must-have chocolate fix;
fixing commas, adding a line
while on glorious chocolate I dine.
any one will do,
while I compose a poem or two.
My world would never be complete
without my chocolate, o so sweet
and I could never, never write
until I have had my first bite!

Copyright  2012 Yasmin Morais

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