Maria Arrillaga

Welcome back to Poets of the Caribbean! I hope you had a great summer break. I am pleased to shine the spotlight on Puerto Rican poets, and during September, I am focusing on Maria Arrillaga,

Maria Arrillaga was born in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico in 1940. Her work has appeared in Confrontation, Festa Da Palabra, Tercer Milenio and Cupey. Arrillaga taught at the University of Puerto Rica and has served as secretary of PEN's Women's Committee and is a past president of PEN Puerto Rican Center.

Below are her poetry collections to date:

  • Vida en el Tiempo (1974)
  • New York in the Sixties (1976)
  • Cascada de Sol (1977)
  • Poemas 747 (1977)
  • Frescura (1981)
  • Yo Soy Fili Mele (1999).
I hope that you will check out some of Maria Arrillaga's poems, and you can also connect with her on Facebook.



Jeremy A.R Davis 'J-Arikah' said...

I'm an emerging contemporary caribbean writer (I know- a mouthful) who'd also like to be featured on your site. can I email you?

Yasmin Morais said...

Hi Jeremy,

Thanks for checking out the blog. I appreciate your comment. I would be happy to feature you and your work on Poets of the Caribbean. Please feel free to email me with details on your work.

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