Poetry and those Lazy, Hazy Days of Summer

Dear Readers,

Thanks to those of you who joined the site recently. Welcome to Poets of the Caribbean!

Hope you are enjoying these lazy, hazy days of summer. I have to apologize. I have not posted as frequently as I would have liked, but I thank you for still checking in on the blog. Thanks especially to Rachael, who checked out the list of Caribbean poets and left a comment. Just a reminder that if you know of poets who are not on my list, please send me a comment and I will make updates. I really rely on readers to let me know of Caribbean poets I may be overlooking.

I want to share with you my success story regarding my entry in the 2014 Gotham Writers Short Short Story competition. (No, the repeat of short is not a typo. I had to write a very short story in only 10 words!) While I did not win the contest, my entry was one of the finalists, out of over 1,200 entries received. So, it felt good to know my entry impressed the judges. You can check out the winning story and those of the finalists here. Of course, my short short story had to include something about poetry. You can tell that I am mad about poetry. :)

I look forward to sharing more beautiful Caribbean poetry with you over the summer.

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