Our Bolt (For Usain St. Leo)

He made easy strides,
effortless glides
into the history books.

9.81 seconds
of pure thrill
down the track
shouts of "Usain, Usain"
at his back.

At the finish line
he looked left
he looked right
dazzling smile
leaving the competition
stunned and speechless!

Our Bolt
ever playful
ever gracious
One beautiful final(?) Olympic gift
to this little island rock,
to the world.

Our Bolt

Yasmin Morais
Copyright August 2016


Leonard Dabydeen said...

Wonderful poetic tribute to a great athlete in Usain (St. Leo) Bolt. Proud son of Jamaica and the Caribbean. Lovely write, Yasmin.
~Leonard Dabydeen

Kristencw said...

This is a beautiful poem, Aunt Yasmin! I love it.

Yasmin Morais said...

Thanks, Kristen! In addition to being super talented, Usain Bolt is such a good sportsman and role model. I love how he affirms other athletes. Thanks for stopping by the blog and sharing your comment.

Yasmin Morais said...

Leonard, thanks! Indeed, he belongs to the Caribbean, not just Jamaica. Thanks for commenting. By the way, I am giving away a copy of your book to a reader who commented on it.

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