The Strength To Face Tomorrow (La Force De Regarder Demain)

Here is another Cesaire poem, The Strength To Face Tomorrow (La Force De Regarder Demain).

the kisses of meteorites
the ferocious chest-bearing of volcanoes starting
with eagles' games

the push of subcontinents
also bracing themselves against underwater passions

the mountain that brings down its cavalcades in a full gallop
of contagious rocks

my words capturing angers
suns by which to reckon my native
                natal being
                                violet cyclops of the cyclones
regardless of the arrogant brand
                 flint high enough to torch the night
exhausted by a resurgent doubt
the strength to face tomorrow.

From: Lyric and Dramatic Poetry 1946-82. By Aime Cesaire. Translated by Clayton Eshleman and Annette Smith. Copyright 1990. The University Press of Virginia.

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