What Only He Can Do (For Usain Bolt)

I just felt inspired to write the following poem in honor of Usain St. Leo Bolt for his amazing success at the London Olympics. Usain, you made me, Jamaica, and the whole world proud!!

What Only He Can Do

The critics jeered,

die-hard fans cheered.

A confident young man

playfully as only he can

drew his crossbow

and like the wind ran.

Respect was earned.

Nuff respect due.

Usain did

what only Usain can do.

Copyright 2012 Yasmin Morais


Leonard Dabydeen said...

Well written and deserving tribute poem by Yasmin Morais. Usain Bolt makes us proud of being part of the Caribbean, and Jamaica in particular.He is indeed a great athlete! TFS.

Yasmin Morais said...

Leonard, thanks for stopping by today. Glad you like the poem. Yes, Usain makes all of us from the Caribbean very proud.

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