Pam Mordecai's Blooming in Barcelona

Happy to share "Blooming in Barcelona" from Pamela Mordecai's latest collection, Subversive Sonnets.

Blooming in Barcelona

Gaudi’s Park G├╝ell is what we dreamed
in our back yard scavenging from the dust
bowl midden near the fence under a dull
green ackee tree. We searched for broken bits
of pottery to use as hopscotch taws
indigo emerald cerulean blue
and now and then the burgundy of dried
blood or salt-pork-and-beans in big tureens
flung by deserted wives their lives
splintering with the porcelain to serve
the simple pleasures of small boys
and giddy girls discerning history
in Delft or rare translucent bits
of chinaware or rude fat colours splotched
to make bright foreign fruit! And Gaudi on
a bare hillside looking out on a sea
the dust as dry the sky as blue
doing just what we did. Create
a medium pour water on the dirt
and mush it into mud then shape a wall
a house a curvy tower with a cross
and stick the shining bits and pieces in.
Raise up a town with paths and avenues
of candy coloured cobblestones as Antoni
of Catalan not long before gathered
his midden scraps to make a park
of mythic beasts what we scrawled in
our book of dirt blooming in Barcelona.

(From Subversive Sonnets. Copyright 2012 Pamela Mordecai)

Reprinted with author's permission.

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