Pamela Mordecai

I am thrilled to be focusing this month on Jamaican poet,  Pamela Mordecai. Pamela Mordecai has published extensively, and I hope to share her work with you throughout September.

To learn more about Pamela, check out her website. You can also view her blog, connect with her on Facebook, and follow her on Twitter.

Her latest collection, Subversive Sonnets is hot off the press this week, and I am hoping to get my hands on a copy soon.

Pamela Mordecai


Janette Dolores said...

Thanks for introducing me to Pamela! I am checking her work out now.

Be well...


Yasmin Morais said...


Thanks for checking out the blog post on Pamela Mordecai, as well as your comment. Pamela is a very talented writer, and I am so excited to share her work on my blog. Her latest work comes out this week! All the best.

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