Haitian Poets

This month, I am mixing things up a bit. Instead of sharing about just one poet, during February and March, I will be highlighting the work of Haitian poets.

Some of Haiti's well-known poets are:

  • Jean Brierre
  • Rene Depestre
  • Leon Laleau
  • Rene Philoctete
  • Marlene Phipps
  • Jacques Roumain
  • Patrick Sylvain
Here is a link to the full list of Caribbean poets. If you know of a Haitian poet that is not on the list, please leave me a comment with their name(s) and I will update the list.

Below are some interesting readings on Haitian poetry, including a few anthologies:

  • Love and Other Poems by Haitian Youth (Des Poemes d'Amour et d'Autres Par Des Jeunes Haitiens. Paul Germaine. Trilingual Press, 2004.
  • Open Gate: An Anthology of Haitian Creole Poetry. Paul Laraque, et al. Curbstone Press, 2001.
  • Poetry in Haitian Creole: A Guide for Beginners and Translators. Emmanuel W. Vedrine. Soup to Nuts Publishers, 1993.
  • The Renaissance of Haitian Poetry. Naomi Mills Garrett. Presence Africaine. 1963 (Even though this is pretty dated, I thought I would include it).
  • Through A Black Veil: Readings in French Caribbean Poetry. E. Anthony Hurley. Africa World Press, 2000


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