Jean-Fernand Brierre

Jean-Fernand Brierre, poet and dramatist, was born in Jeremie, Haiti on September 23, 1909. Brierre served as Haiti's ambassador to Argentina.

His collections include:

Chansons secretes (1933)
Black Soul (1947)
Dessalines nous parle (1953)
Les Aieules (1954)
La Source (1956)
La Nuit (1957)
Images d'Or (1959)
Decouverte (1960)
Aux Champs pour Occide (1960)
Or, Uranium, Cuivre, Radium (1961)
Un Noel pour Goree (1980)

Themes from his poetry touched on black pride, the American occupation of Haiti, and the achievement of Haitian independence.

If you read French, and are interested in learning more about Brierre, check out this site.

Jean-Fernand Brierre died in 1992.

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