Leon Laleau

Leon Laleau, a distinguished Haitain diplomat, politician and poet, was born in Port-au-Prince in 1892. He held degrees in law and science, and represented Haiti as a diplomat at the United Nations as well as diplomatic missions in Cuba, Panama, Lima, Santiago, Paris, London and Rome.

He was a prolific writer of poetry, plays and novels, and in 1962, Laleau received the Edgar Allan Poe prize. Leon Laleau died in 1979.

Below are some of Laleau's works:


  • La Flèche au Cœur (1926)
  • Le Rayon des Jupes (1928)
  • Abréviations (1928)
  • Musique Nègre (1931)
  • Ondes Courtes (1933)


  • Jusqu'au Bord (1916)
  • La Danse des Vagues (1919) 
  • Le Choc (1932)
  • A Voix Basse (1920)

  • Plays:

  • La Pluie et le Beau Temps
  • Le Tremplin

  • Kreyolicious, a blog about Haitian literature and culture, has a review of Laleau's novel, Le Choc.

    If you read French, check out some more information on Laleau here.

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