More spotlight on Haiti's poets

I hope you have enjoyed the posts during February and March on Haitian poets. I certainly have learned so much about Haiti's rich literary heritage, and the breath of collections from Haiti's poets. In fact, I just found this link on another interesting Haitian poet, Michele Voltaire Marcelin, which I hope you will check out.

I want to encourage you to continue to delve into the writings of Haitian poets. There are very good translations of these collections around, if you do not read French.

April is poetry month, and every year, I look forward to the many celebrations which honor poets and their poetry. I hope that you will find the time to participate in some of these.

  • Purchase a poetry collection
  • Attend an open mic event
  • Read some poetry as a form of relaxation
  • Write some poetry
  • Write a review of poetry you have read
Poetry is fun, so find your inner poet!

Stay tuned as I celebrate poetry month with you.


Jennifer Brown Banks said...

We'll be looking forward! Thanks, Yasmin.

Yasmin Morais said...


Thanks for checking out Poets of the Caribbean today. So good to hear from you!

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