Questions in Jamaican Patois

I am sharing another of my poems with you as we celebrate National Poetry Month. Hope you will enjoy Questions in Jamaica Patois.

Questions in Jamaican Patois

Wha you fi do when you back gainst di wall,
and yu want fi bawl, but di tears won't come at all?
Wha you fi do when you heart break in two
and di smaddy you really check for just don't love you?

Wha you fi seh when you feel like you cyan go on
and you just want fi run?
Whey you fi go when you feel boxed in?
When di rain a fall and the dutty still tough?

When people a gi you a 6 for a 9
and others just nuh want fi tow di line?
Is every little ting really going to be alright?
Will you really see clearly when the rain is gone,
and your many rivers have been crossed?

Copyright 2011 Yasmin Morais. From Cane Field to the Sea


Leonard Dabydeen said...

Wha mi goh seh an mi put me han fuh shut me mouth...so West Indian but truely Jamaican...questioning life...really nice poem...mek me think bout someting.

Yasmin Morais said...

Leonard, thanks for your comment. I enjoy listening to all the accents from the Caribbean. So beautiful. And, of course, sometimes only the dialect truly captures what the heart wants to express.

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