The Road to Respect

I hope that you have enjoyed all the poetry month activities, as well as the poems I have shared. As we wind down, I'd like to share one more of my poems, The Road to Respect. In this fast-paced, connected yet not not always connecting world, let's hope we take the time to show some RESPECT!

By way of background on this poem, I was asked by my former boss in Toronto to write it to accompany a research article on nurses' feelings of being respected or not respected. It was originally published in Nursing Science Quarterly (January 2009, volume 22).

The Road to Respect

I spoke.
You listened.
I felt valued and honored.
You shared your opinion.
I trusted your wisdome.
The circle of respect was complete.
We saw in each other's eyes our common humanity.
Now, moving to a zone of mutual affirmation,
we felt safe to trust, and learn, and nurture
in the give-and-take of life.

Copyright 2009 Yasmin Morais

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