Marie-Therese Colimon-Hall

Previously, Poets of the Caribbean highlighted the works of Haitian poet, Rene Depestre. This month, we will look at another Haitian writer, the versatile Marie-Therese Colimon-Hall.

Marie-Therese was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti in 1918. Playwriting was her first focus, but she also wrote short stories, essays, novels and poems. She published her first poems under the pseudonym 'Mary Bec'.  In 1975, she won the France-Haiti Literary prize for Son of Misery.

Marie-Therese Colimon-Hall died in 1997.

The following are just samples of this prolific writer's work:

  • The Slave Girl (Play)
  • The Song of the Musician (Play)
  • Marie-Claire Felix (Play)
  • Firefly (Play)
  • My Notebook Entries (selection of poems)
  • At Pipirite Singing (a collection of unpublished poems set to music by Angel Mendez)


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