Word Weaving, etc.

Hi readers,

Hope you are enjoying the nice Fall weather, if you are in colder climes, and if your are not, I do hope that you are soaking up some sun on a beautiful beach somewhere. Good for you.

I am currently reading Word Weaving: A Creative Approach to Teaching and Writing Poetry, by David Johnson as I work on refining my poetry writing. I came across this interesting quote in his book:

"To create poetry is as natural as breathing. Poetry and breathing have an essential connection".He goes on to share the following quote by Edmund Carpenter:

"In Eskimo, the word 'to make poetry' is the word 'to breathe'; both are derivatives of anerca--the soul which is eternal: the breath of life. A poem is words infused with breath or spirit. "Let me breathe of it," says the poet-maker and then begins: "I have put my poem in order on the threshold of my tongue".

If you can get your hands on a copy, it is a great read. So, what's on your reading list right now?

This month, I want to re-visit the poetry of Haiti, and will be looking at the writings of Marie-Therese Colimon. As usual, I look forward to your comments.


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